Your H-Files for Wednesday, 27 March 2024


March 21 - April 19

Scully, I think there's a high chance someone from our past is about to resurface.
Mulder, this wouldn’t have anything to do with your morning horoscope, would it?
Well, yes. It suggests that I should even consider a meal to catch up on lost time. Some meaningful introspection is implied.
You’re basing this off a line from a horoscope? Mulder, you’re the skeptic here.
Not always. We've seen evidence of the unexplained, Scully. Remember Gibson Praise? Anyway, the horoscope also suggests I might reconnect with an ex, experiencing potential clarity.
Is this about Phoebe, Mulder? I thought we'd left England and her behind.
It's not specific, Scully. But it says the encounter can help improve my future relationships.
Mulder, you should remember that horoscopes are generalized. They are not specific predictions.
Oh, I know, Scully, but something about this seems too pertinent to dismiss.


April 20 - May 20

Scully, I just read my horoscope. It urges me to catch up with some old acquaintances and build connections. Stimulates some thoughts, don't you think?
Mulder, seriously? My autopsy report would make for a far more intriguing read.
Consider this, Scully: we meet some interesting individuals in our line of work. Like Eugene Tooms or the vampire community in Texas. Can you imagine the wealth of insight we’d gain from them?
Those 'interesting individuals' tend to be dangerous, Mulder. Or have you forgotten?
True, but the stars also say that being around people I know and love builds confidence. Our unconventional friends might offer... character-building experiences?
Your insistence on relating everything back to your horoscope is...admirable in its own way, Mulder. But perhaps you're interpreting things a little too strictly?
Maybe, but ambition is intensified, Scully. And isn't our ultimate goal to seek the truth?
The truth, yes. But chasing after it doesn't mean you have to take everything else so lightly. Remember, not everything is a conspiracy, Mulder.
Then a resolution for myself, keep an open line of communication, spend some time today mingling, and above all, take nothing seriously. That's just the Mulder way, Scully.
And that's exactly why I worry about you, Mulder. Balance is just as important as ambition.


May 21 - June 21

You know, Scully, I've been thinking about accepting that dinner invitation, particularly because of the intriguing company it offers.
Are you referring to that group of conspiracy theorists and self-claimed psychic mediums?
Exactly! My horoscope advises that the more avenues I go down, the likelihood increases of connecting with someone who can strike a chord here,
Mulder, your tendency to rely on astrological predictions concerns me. Your investigation needs should be dictated by rational thinking, solid leads.
Oh, Scully, sometimes it takes stepping into the unknown and out of our comfort zones. Remember Eugene Tooms?
A leap of faith and a descent into a sewer are not the same thing, Mulder.
Yet, Scully, my horoscope also suggests that I work well with others, and that when confronted with a situation, I make decisions promptly without succumbing to swaying emotions. Remind you of anyone?
I presume you're hinting at yourself. But horoscopes are vague generalities, they apply to a large number of people, not just you, Mulder.
But isn't it a remarkable coincidence, Scully? It's as if the cosmos is guiding our work, our journey. You, me, the truth that's out there.
Or it could just be a coincidence, Mulder.


June 22 - July 22

Scully, the stars seem to be aligning for me today. It's all about making value judgments it seems. I believe a few delightful social encounters are headed my way.
Mulder, you're interpreting your horoscope again. And since when do you prioritize social interactions over your ongoing alien investigations?
Since it became relevant to our work, Scully. Remember the Flukeman? He was hardly socially delightful, but we engaged anyway. The stars suggest I may be due for more of such interactions.
Alright, so what else does your horoscope tell you, Mulder?
It's hinting at a newfound knack for organizing people and things. A surge of ambition and practicality is taking hold. This could mean more time tackling ambitious cases.
So essentially, more work and more aliens?
Possibly. You know what interests me the most, Scully? It suggests something out of the ordinary will open my eyes to a person who's not my usual type.
And what does that mean, exactly? Are you suggesting another extraterrestrial encounter?
Maybe. Or maybe it's time for a change in our approach to partnerships. Being critical less often of others. Perhaps it will pave way for a new romance to occur.
I see, Mulder. Well, I suppose only time will tell if these horoscope predictions hold any true weight.


July 23 - August 22

Scully, my horoscope predicted enchanting surprises today. Could be related to someone lively, perhaps Skinner?
Just because your horoscope says it doesn't mean it's true, Mulder.
It's oddly specific, Scully. It mentions a neighbourhood block party. You remember gathering intel from neighbourhood parties before. Like that time in Rebecca's hometown.
Mulder, you're reading too much into it. Horoscopes are generic and can apply to anyone.
That may be, but it also says I could feel like a foreigner in my own environment. Struggling to understand the language or culture. Reminds me of how I felt with those Navajo code talkers.
Or it could be a metaphor, Mulder. Most of them are.
It mentions big promises leading to disappointment. I have been burned by that before. Think 'the smoking man'.
Mulder, you're relating an arbitrary analysis of astrological positions to real-life scenarios.
It recommends simplicity and being down-to-earth, kind of like how you like things, Scully. Maybe it's hinting at romance?
Mulder, horoscopes are not the basis for personal relationships.
And yet, it reassures me that I'm fine just the way I am. Maybe it knows something we don't.
Of course, you're fine the way you are, Mulder. You don't need a horoscope to tell you that.


August 23 - September 22

Scully, I think today is going to be a good day for our partnership. You know the unpredictability we've been facing? It's only going to improve.
Oh really, Mulder? And how have you come to this conclusive theory?
It's my horoscope, Scully. It advises me to go along with a loved one's desires. Could that perhaps be a telling sign to follow your scientific approach for a change?
Since when you've started believing in astrology, Mulder? Sounds like another of your wild theories.
Ah, but it goes on. Says here, work or school could lead to a romantic connection today. Remember Phoebe Green from Oxford?
Oh, the English fire investigator? Are you implying that a horoscope is going to reignite your college love?
Not quite. But it does suggest keeping any feelings under wraps initially. Much like our attempts to hide our discoveries from Skinner and the rest, wouldn't you agree?
Your logic is a bit of a stretch, even for you. Just promise me you won't base our investigation solely on your horoscope, Mulder
Sure, Scully. But you'll see, 'pare down and simplify': that's the mantra. Maybe we've been overcomplicating things. Today, let's get back to basics, what do you say?
I agree with the sentiment, Mulder. Just maybe not the method of delivery.


September 23 - October 23

Scully, I've just read my horoscope. It says I might get a call from a friend I haven’t heard from in a while. I should consider planning a catch-up session, immerse myself in some socializing.
Mulder, you’re really going to base your schedule on a horoscope?
Why not? Perhaps it refers to someone we’ve worked with on an unclosed case.
Or, perhaps you are simply reading too much into it, Mulder.
Maybe, Scully. But, it also mentions that realities demand I tend to business and ignore socialization for now. That's not easy, coming from me.
Ignoring socialization never seemed hard for you.
Ha, true. But listen to this, 'Success always comes with a price of hard work.'
That's not astrology, that's just common sense.
And of course, 'There is no way to please everyone and make them understand your quests and dreams.' Remind you of anyone, Scully?
Someone who insists that aliens exist despite all lack of verifiable evidence? No, it doesn’t ring any bells.
And, the horoscope concludes, 'Only you need to understand the education of your life.' Perhaps, it's a clue to unlock something we've been missing on the X-Files.
Or, perhaps, it's just a bunch of vague generalities meant to cover any possible scenario. You know, like most horoscopes.
Scully, your skepticism is showing. You might want to tuck that back in.


October 24 - November 21

You know, Scully, it seems today is an ideal time for me to prepare my apartment for winter. Maybe I should even take up fall gardening.
Mulder, are you seriously considering gardening now? Since when does your horoscope dictate your chores?
Well, it says it could keep me fit. Remember that creature we encountered in Skinner's hometown, The Flukeman? I could use some extra muscle to ward off those kinds of things.
That's taking it a bit far don't you think, Mulder?
Maybe. But it also says that people appreciate me for being me, able to act and get things done. Could it be you, Scully?
Oh, believe me, Mulder, I appreciate your ability to get us in impossible situations... and then somehow get out of them too.
And there! Someone understands my feelings today, and is sympathetic. Is that you again, Scully?
Mulder, I'm always sympathetic, whether I understand you or not, that's a separate question.
Scully, my horoscope even wants me to be romantic, expects me to up my game in that field. The truth might be out there, but so might be romance.
Mulder, as much as I find this amusing, do remember, science holds the key, not the stars.
So, Scully, do you think we can be just two people, without the complications? Is that too much to ask from the universe?
Mulder, the only constant in the universe is change, and we have to adapt. It’s what we do most, isn’t it?


November 22 - December 21

You know, Scully, someone sure knows how to make me feel appreciated.
What do you mean, Mulder?
I just mean: I got a gift that expresses true love, and it got me thinking... maybe I do live a charmed life.
Or maybe you're just lucky.
Perhaps, though, the universe is telling me I have to rethink some of my beliefs.
That's not typical behavior for you. Usually, you double down on your convictions.
True, Scully, but something is causing me trouble. I can't quite articulate my thoughts. It's like trying to explain to Skinner the time we've found that alien DNA.
Which time?
Maybe it's time for a drastic change. Rock the boat a little, throw caution to the wind.
Mulder, you're speaking as if you're about to pull a stunt.
No stunts, Scully. People appreciate my genuine essence. No need for a flashy show. Remember how I stood up to the Cigarette Smoking Man?
Mulder, that was far from an act of subtle honesty. And frankly, it was a little embarrassing to witness.


December 22 - January 19

You know, Scully, today someone gave me a gift that seemed to express a deep sense of love and appreciation. It made me realize something - despite all our encounters with the unexplained, we seem to live charmed lives, don't we?
Charmed lives, Mulder? Really? Last time I checked, we were getting kidnapped by government agents and dealing with alien conspiracies.
That's just it, Scully. No matter what strange dangers we face, we always seem to come out on top. We defy the odds. It's as if... luck is with us.
That could be just survivor bias, Mulder. And about that gift - was it a new tie or another one of your loose UFO theories?
You're missing the point, Scully. It's not the gift or the compliment itself, it's what it represents. It makes me think our current situation might need some serious reconsideration.
A serious reconsideration? You mean like my constant attempts to communicate scientific explanations to your alien-driven theories?
Perhaps I do sound a bit obtuse at times. But think about it Scully, we've grown by challenging the status quo, by turning our ideas upside down. We've made sudden, drastic moves on more than one occasion.
Sudden, drastic moves could be a liability, Mulder. It could lead us into danger or... embarrassment.
Embarrassment is subjective, Scully. What really matters is that we're genuine in our pursuits. We're not putting on a show here. We're being real. And that, I believe, is what truly impresses people.


January 20 - February 18

You know Scully, a spur of the moment party might be looming on the horizon. I read it in my horoscope. Lots of laughter, a light hearted mood, friendly faces. It could be a refreshing change from chasing vague leads and shadowy conspiracies.
Mulder, you can't be serious. Are you suggesting that the horoscope is what we should trust now? We deal with facts, evidence; not vague astrology mumbo-jumbo.
Oh, but isn't the drama of life, like a roller coaster, Scully? Today, we like someone, tomorrow we might not. There're moments when we feel all secure, then suddenly, we stumble upon a fear we never knew existed. All we need is to keep the grip on the situation, pretty much like holding the reigns tightly to stay on the horse.
So you're saying, our work with aliens and government conspiracies is the equivalent of riding a horse? And this horoscope tells you all that?
You know, Scully, sometimes you can be too close to something to recognize its significance. Think back to the time when we first met Tooms or even Skinner. Didn't they take us by surprise?
You're starting to lose me, Mulder. So, what's this about 'flashy things' and a 'price to pay'?
Well, maybe it's a little warning about focusing on superficial details. You know, like how shiny metal ships in the sky might distract us from what's truly important.
Mulder, you’re twisting this horoscope to fit your theories, again. How can you be so sure it means anything to us and our work?
All we need is to stay flexible, Scully. Remember, the truth is out there. And sometimes it comes in the least expected form, like a horoscope.


February 19 - March 20

Say, Scully, it seems like the cosmos has a rather interesting surprise in store. My horoscope says that we should be prepared for an unexpected party. A jolly one at that, according to them.
Spur of the moment party? Why, Mulder, I didn't know you put stock into such frivolous predictions.
Oh, not an ordinary one, Scully. We're talking about extraterrestrial merriment here. Jokes, goodwill... can't you see it? Possibly another gathering of those crop circle hoaxes.
I highly doubt that these so-called 'hoaxes' involve a fair amount of humor, Mulder.
Perhaps not, but it does mention a need for change, a desire to break free from the past. That sounds a lot like the victims' recollections from some of our cases. Remember Max Fenig?
I do, he was a UFO enthusiast that believed he was frequently abducted. However, your horoscope mentioning love-hate relationships and insecurities doesn't quite sum up our line of work, Mulder.
Ah, but you're forgetting the element of surprise, Scully. Surprises in our relationships with non-humans. Remember Eugene Tooms? As long as we stay open and flexible, nothing can shake us.
Mulder, I think you're stretching the limits of plausibility even for you.
Maybe, but it also mentioned something about flashy things coming at a price. Could it be a new piece of alien tech lurking around the corner? Only time will tell, Scully.
Or, it could just be advising you not to buy that UFO-shaped table lamp you've had your eye on.